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Cinque Terre Blue Trail. pc: Windy McElroy

 Welcome to Lost & Abroad!

I’m Kalena, an island girl, nature lover and free spirit. I was born and raised in Hawaii and for the moment, I’m living in Spain. Lost & Abroad is all about travel, culture and the outdoors. Here I share some personal stories and snippets of the unique people and places that I’ve encountered and what I’ve learned about them.

You can read destination pieces (I obviously love to write about Hawaii and Spain), travel advice, listicles and personal ‘stories from the road’ to spark your curiosity and ignite your inner wanderlust.

I love hearing from my readers!

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, potential collaborations, or just to say hello.

*All photos posted here are my own, shot by myself with a Nikon D5000, GoPro or Iphone unless photo credit is given.