Visiting Game of Thrones Season 6 Filming Locations, Spain

The wait is almost over! Game of Thrones season 6 will premiere on April 24, 2016. With the cast having filmed in locations throughout Europe and once again in strikingly beautiful Spanish locales, the sixth season doesn’t seem like it will disappoint. And no, that amazingly perfect castle that’s just like you imagined it from the books wasn’t a set created just for the series, it’s real!

If you don’t want to know potential locations which could be shown in Season 6 and therefore possibly give way to fan theories or spoilers, like which actors where seen filming there, then don’t read on! Of course, some of the locations which were used during filming are still unconfirmed as to exactly what place they will represent in the show. Ok, last warning!

Game of Thrones Locations - Cordoba, Long Bridge
Long Bridge in Volantis, one of the Free Cities. Actual location is the Puente de Romano de Córdoba, Roman Bridge of Córdoba. You might remember it from Season 5, where tall buildings were added digitally atop the bridge.

Girona, one hell of a scene will be coming our way

Archway in the Jewish Quarter, Girona. pc: Windy McElroy

The GoT community has been eagerly awaiting an important (battle?) scene, said to have been shot on the cathedral steps, which will serve as the Sept of Baelor (Sparrows were spotted there). A quick glimpse can be seen in the season 6 trailer and again in the new teaser. Girona is rumored to take over as King’s Landing and Braavos, which had been previously filmed in Croatia. It will also serve, and be perfect as Oldtown, which will be filmed in Girona’s Jewish Quarter. Filming also took place in the Banys Árabs (Arab Baths), the Monastery Sant Pere de Galligants and a few other places throughout the city. Over 500 extras were used in the Girona location alone and fans have reported seeing someone (Jaime Lannister?) riding into the city on horseback leading what looks like the Tyrell army!

It has everything one would expect of a Spanish town, from cathedrals and winding alleyways to medieval buildings and cobblestone streets. More impressive, the city is encircled by old Roman walls with towers, which you can walk on and experience stunning panoramic views.

Getting there

Girona is already a hot spot for GoT enthusiasts. The city has its own small airport, which is a hub for many low cost airlines and an easy way to get in and out of Catalunya without having to go through the busy Barcelona El Prat. At least a full day is needed to explore the city and visit all the filming locations.

  • Car from Barcelona – About one hour
  • Bus from Barcelona – 14 euros one way and takes about an hour and 20 minutes. See the Sagales website.
  • Train from Barcelona – Takes about one and a half hours to the city center and costs between 18 and 30 euros one way depending on ticket with Renfe company.
  • Guided GoT tour departing from Barcelona – The Barcelona iVenture Card offers tons of activities in the city and a new half-day GoT tour of Girona all for one price.
Game of Thrones, Girona Cathedral
Girona Cathedral as seen in Season 6 trailer

And what about that flashback to the Tower of Joy?

source: Delsat International Group Youtube Channel

What a great scene it would be to have a flashback to the skirmish at the Tower of Joy with a young Eddard Stark and his companions fighting the Kingsguard. Well, it’s pretty certain that our wishes will be answered this season. The Zafra Castle (El Castillo de Zafra) in the Guadalajara Province of Spain will stand in as the Tower of Joy! It’s like a castle from a fairytale and it sticks closely to the imagery created in the novels, with great potential to provide us with dramatic long shots and cinematic effect. Also, visitors are only able to view the castle exterior, unlike the other castle used this season, which I talk about below.

Another filming site is the Bardenas Reales Natural Park (Bardenas Badlands) in Navarra, which is closest to the Zafra Castle, yet still a lengthy 3 hour drive away, but since you already have a car, you might as well check it out too. Spoilers were leaked during filming and I’ll sum it up for you now. A Dothraki camp was spotted with at least 50 horses and of course Emilia Clarke (Daenerys), but guess who was with her, actor Michiel Huisman (Daario). Lets see how that plays out.

Getting there

  • You will need a car – Both the Zafra Castle and the Bardenas Badlands are in rural areas and can only be reached by car. The castle is 2 and a half hours from Madrid and 4 and a half hours from Barcelona. The Badlands are 3 hours away from the castle and 4 hours from Barcelona, 3 and a half hours from Madrid.

Explore Meereen on the Valencian coast

Game of Thrones Filming Peniscola, Spain
Meereen, the largest of the 3 city-states of Slaver’s Bay. Actual location in Peñíscola, Spain.

The city of Peñíscola is breathtaking in its own right and now that it’s rumored to be transformed into Meereen, there’s even more of an incentive to visit this sunny beach town! Peñíscola fits the book’s description of Meereen perfectly. The Castle of Peñíscola is surrounded by high walls, cobblestone courtyards and towers which stand above the Mediterranean sea, perfect for shots of Slaver’s Bay in the background. On a side note, the castle there was also used in the famous 1960s film El Cid.

Getting There

  • Driving will take about 2 hours and 20 minutes from Barcelona and 5 hours from Madrid.
  • Train from Barcelona – 2 hours and 10 minutes to the neighboring town of Benicarlo and then a 15 minute taxi ride to the city will cost 35 euros total.
  • Bus from Barcelona – 3 hours to Torreblanca then 30 minutes to Peñíscola all with the same bus company setting you back 18 euros.

or visit Horn Hill and the House of Tarly!

source: Castell de Santa Florentina Youtube Channel

The Saint Florentina Castle (Castell de Santa Florentina) in Canet de Mar, a 45 minute drive up the Maresme Coast from Barcelona. But have you seen that drone footage? The castle is beautifully situated within a forested area and you must drive a short distance on a dirt road to reach it. I tried to visit the castle and quickly realized upon arriving that they close every day at 1pm (don’t make the same mistake)! They currently run tours upon request, where you can experience the medieval dining halls and bedrooms, which will probably be seen in the show (I can’t imagine the crew would bypass using these great indoor spaces they have at their disposal).

Getting there

  • By Car – It is situated 45 minutes from Barcelona and an hour from Girona.
  • Train from Barcelona – The ride is about an hour and then you will need to take a short taxi ride to the castle or go by foot about 25 minutes uphill.
  • Bus from Barcelona – The bus takes 45 minutes and leaves passengers at the town train station where you will need to take a taxi or walk to the castle.

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