Cold Weather Means Churros Con Chocolate in Barcelona

As fall arrives and the cold weather creeps in, people throughout Spain stand in line at the neighborhood churrería. While living in Barcelona, I came to appreciate these fried treats, that mark the change in seasons and quickly learned that it’s never a bad time for churros. I’ve had them for breakfast, for dessert, and in typical Spanish fashion, at 6 a.m. after a night out. Churros con chocolate in Barcelona is a must when visiting the Catalan capital. This is because the Spanish dish is actually quite different from its Latin American counterpart.

First off, churros are only sprinkled with sugar, never cinnamon. There are two types of Spanish churros (xurros in Catalan) to choose from. The normal crunchy churros, or thick and airy porras. I always prefer the normal churros, but make sure to save some room to try both. Churros and porras are served in a ración of about three to six pieces, while stuffed varieties are priced per piece. Don’t forget to order a side of decadent hot chocolate. It’s the best part!

Two Types of Churros Con Chocolate in Spain

Here’s a few of my favorite churrerías:

Xurreria Laietana

Right on the busy street of Via Laietana is a tiny shop that serves a plate of churros for just €1.30 (it’s an extra €2 for hot chocolate). There are only a few seats at the bar, so plan on taking the sweets to go. The porras here are delicious. They are constantly pulled out of the fryer in large spirals and served nice and hot.


This modern churrería gives the dish a new twist. The two locations serve up traditional churros alongside savory options topped with aioli and brava sauce, sobrassada, or jamón. The menu also includes bunyols (similar to a donut hole) and churros stuffed with crema catalana.

Xurreria Trébol

Xurreria Trébol is a local hot spot in the hip Gràcia neighborhood that offers all sorts of fried delights, fritters, and cookies. This hole in the wall gets very busy, especially on weekends and holidays when they are open all night long to appease the party goers. Churros come in a brown paper cone with hot chocolate in a styrofoam cup so it’s easy to eat on the go.

Xurreria Rosita

Mataró is the capital city of Maresme, and just a short drive from Barcelona. If you haven’t been to the region, you should definitely check it out. Xurreria Rosita is located in Mataró’s main plaza and bustling shopping area. Stop by to try the hot chocolate here, it’s amazingly thick and not overly sweet.

Have you tried Spanish churros? What’s your favorite churrería? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image by Oscar Nord.


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